In the future I firmly believe the enlightened medical profession will look back in horror at the work of their colleagues who practised before them.

The way the psychiatric profession still treats transgender people in the UK and in many countries around the world is appalling.

Their expectations amount to what is effectively an ordeal by fire for many people. They want proof of real life experience before providing any meaningful treatment. But for many that requires them to present in their true gender long before they could possibly pass effectively. They act as gatekeepers to hormone therapy and cosmetic surgery all of which can make a huge difference.

It’s cruel, high handed, misguided and evil. Still based from a position of hostility and disbelief we as a community have to prove our worth, our metal, our resolve. We have to show that any price, any humiliation, any rejection is worth it because our conviction is so strong.

We are unfortunate for we have to seek medical help to achieve our desire to be the person we feel ourselves to be inside.

For many, myself included, we choose to be silent. We conduct our lives quietly yet in pain. We live the life of an other and hope to make it through having lived a good enough life.

As a profession you need to stop asking us to prove anything to you. You just need to satisfy yourselves that we are mentally fit to make sound decisions then the decisions are ours to make. Sure help us deal with change and challenge but otherwise let us be.

You have pathologized a group of people who just needed your help. Just help. Stop humiliating, belittling and lecturing to us. Most of you don’t know what you are talking about.

Written by Beth

Behind a calm and friendly exterior I try every day to deal with a gender dysphoria I have had since I was four years old. I have never really known how to deal with it so have kept it to myself but have started a talking therapy and a blog to see if that helps.

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